Yiannis Roussakis
Photographer from Greece
Photographer Yiannis Roussakis


From a very early age, people build a personal symbolic language out of fragments of their everyday experience. Some of these symbols have deep roots in archetypal forms of our common legacy as a species. Through this symbolic language we describe and interpret deep internal personal processes. Those symbols are usually made out of the most humble materials, out of experiences that are considered trivial and insignificant, like the curve of a shell, the sound of a pot boiling, the lights and shadows from the streetlights on the bedroom’s ceiling. During our lifetime, whenever we come across one of those personal symbols, we experience an instant moment of clarity. A moment stripped from the usual confusion and continuous noise of the conscious incontinent mind. Our analytical self is caught off guard, unequipped to process and make sense, to extract a safe logical pattern or a “lesson” out of this. The symbol hits below the skin, delivering an instant message, like an echo from the psyche, raw and unprocessed. Some people live their whole lives in a state of calm awareness and observation, until all things around them become symbols, literally transforming everyday life into another dream state, a metaphor about the unconscious reality. An artist is ANYBODY who can capture – in that precious moment of clarity- a line, a shape, a phrase, a sound sequence, anything that works as a symbol for him. Albeit very intimate, this symbol could potentially invoke moments of clarity to other people, too. The human spirit spontaneously responds to all things true.

Photographer Yiannis Roussakis
  • 95 years
  • By the Lake
  • Drukpa Monks
  • Looking up
  • Mosque and Caravan
  • Nomads in Ladakh
  • Shepherd
  • Songkran
  • Songs for everyone