Past Exhibition

From Father to Son

STARTS: 20/Feb/2019
ENDS: 28/Feb/2019

“From Father To Son”, an art exhibition at Avenue at Etihad Towers by Mohammed Al Astad and Khalid Mohammed Al Astad using different media and techniques that will elevate Emirati inheritance and bond through their masterpieces. Art and Heritage as their tangent point of interests, each piece is depicting their maker’s individual characteristics.

“Everyone needs creativity and uniqueness, expressing myself in a different way from my point of view, based on my life experiences. I was studying in the USA when I found Khalid scribbling on the walls and playing with my colors. I collected his abstract works, framed them, displayed them as his own art exhibition. Being a father, I felt proud and responsible to develop Khalid’s talent as I envisioned his future in the field of arts. This exhibition signifies family connection, responsibility, and support. I have always advised my son to express himself through creative works, to stay different, to stay original, to believe in his creativity and skills, to continue in developing his works and to keep challenging himself.”, said Mohammed Al Astad.

Khalid, looking up to his father as a hero, he will show how strong the relationship between a father and son should be. Having a passionate father, he felt so inspired and motivated. More than that, having access to international and historical artworks, and his dreams in-
spired him to do one artwork after another. He had always required himself to learn, to practice and to share his knowledge. “Becoming a father soon, I would love my kids to inherit our passion to experiment, to discover, to learn and to persevere on what they love to do. I would advise them to get out of their caves, show and be proud of their passions. Practice, practice, practice and never stop learning and sharing knowledge”, said Khalid Mohammed Al Astad.


Exhibition Location:
Corniche West Street, Opp Emirates Palace Hotel – Abu Dhabi
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