Past Exhibition

Inner Worlds – Photography Exhibition

STARTS: 11/Sep/2017
ENDS: 27/Sep/2017

September 11th, 2017 7:00pm

Photography Exhibition
11.09. – 27.09.17.
Opening night: Monday 11th Sept at 7 p.m.

Etihad Gallery will welcome the season of 2017 / 2018 with a group photography exhibition Inner Worlds, featuring four photographers living and working in the U.A.E. – Amani Al Shaali, Anthony Lamb, Saeed Nassouri and Yousef Alshakar Bin Al Zaabi.

The exhibition Inner Worlds aims to represent a distinctively personal approach to the immediate surroundings of the four artists. Perception of the outside world is always defined by our own senses, understanding of our environment and ultimately our very own inner worlds. Not even photography can escape the truth that we the outside world as a reflection of our own soul.

An avid lover of modern architecture and clean-cut silhouettes, design graduate Anthony Lamb photographs cityscapes in a distinctly minimalistic style. His images keep away from the hustle of bustle of the metropolis, so the viewer can relax and enjoy the pristine beauty of this man-made jungle.
Amani Al Shaali, also a designer by profession, approaches photography as a means of expressing her struggles as an artist and creator. Her magical photos lead us into a mysterious world that can only be deciphered by its source – the artist herself.

Saeed Nassouri shows the viewer the often ignored, almost entirely invisible details of everyday life in the city, that we might overlook in the rush our, running to work or to that important meeting. Nassouri not only notices, but really sees these insignificant details. He sees them with empathy, knowledge and a deep understanding.

Yousef Alzaabi, a self-confessed story-teller with an exceptional aptitude towards portraiture shows a peaceful, almost meditative side of life in the UAE in his poignant portraits.