Past Exhibition


STARTS: 03/Nov/2018
ENDS: 04/Dec/2018

The exhibition in Etihad Modern Art Gallery maps part of the current Slovak art scene with a generational range from young to older established artists. The artists are connected by Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, one of the three art academies in Slovakia, where they cooperate. The artistic scene in Slovakia is European and pluralistic, there are different forms of art and approaches, from traditional painting, sculpture or graphic, referring to modern or pre-modern western world art traditions to conceptual art and postmodernism, including the latest artistic impulses. In democratic terms, this diversity is also expressed by the free choice of educational institutions both at home and abroad for those interested in learning art. The Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica is young but progressive public higher education institutions that celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. Despite of its youth it has already established position in the system of art schools in Slovakia.

The group of artists are characterized in particular by two approaches of creation – rational and intuitive, to which refers the title of the exhibition.

The rational approach is characterized by a consistent thinking of the concept and form, often using mathematical approach with geometric character, texts or found object. Intuitive art is characterized by a distinctive emotional contribution, with its expressive or melancholic and poetic interpretation.

With both approaches, artists refer not only to their personal experience, but also to a large context of a digital space of contemporary society, in the form of factual, photographic, scientific or sociological inspiration. Through various views, they seek to point out the ambiguity of the present world with its various possibilities to interpret its natural cultural, geographic or geopolitical diversity.

Both approaches are sometimes overlapping, complementing, we can’t regard them as absolute categories but as a predominant tendency.

Selected artists present the cross-section of their work in painting, sculpture, graphics and video that characterize the situation in today’s world with different approaches. Formally, the artworks follow the trends in contemporary art in individual processing. The art programs of the exhibiting authors are unique and highly individual. Their range extends from the contemporary interpretation of the post-impressionist or expressionist image of the figure and the landscape to the reflection of popstar narration, new forms of geometric abstraction, photography, or inspiration from graphic design to utopian architecture.

Often, regardless of the age or training background of the single artist, the reflection of the contradictory phenomena of our common world and civilization finds a clear and accessible expression in the artworks. We believe that visitors will appreciate this project from Slovak republic and receive its message.




Štefan Balázs, Katarína Balúnová, Jana Farmanová, Zuzana Križalkovičová, Martin Kudla, Michal Murin, Natália Okolicsányiová, Rastislav Podoba, Ivana Sláviková, Patrik Ševčík, Simona Štulerová, Ján Triaška


Curators: Štefan Balázs, Katarína Balúnová