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The 3 Phase Signal

STARTS: 16/Mar/2020
ENDS: 07/Sep/2020

Duration: March 16 – Sept. 07, 2020
Location: Etihad Modern Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE


From the land that Sheikh Zayed planted with love, hope, persistence, and creativity to bear fruit and harvest a generation of creators and artists in all fields, so that Maisoon Al Saleh becomes one of these ripe harvest and bright minds, who possess in her spirit Zayed’s persistence, ambition, and creativity.


Today, she presents her fourth solo exhibition, which is no less distinguished from all the precedents of the “THE 3 PHASE SIGNAL”, in which she presents the story of tolerance and human contact through the symbolic use of sine waves.


Al Saleh unleashes the possibilities and creates another form of her distinctive art in surreal way, after she has created stories of her woven with creativity from the bones and skulls that reflected Emirati life, culture and history with a cheerful nature that blends the cruelty of the view of the skeletons and the beauty of the Emirati environment in “The Bright Side of The Bones” series, as well She was creative again when she practiced her determination to innovate as the first underwater Emirati artist at her exhibition “The Dara Chronicles”, the idea which was inspired by the historical events of the Dara ship that sailed between India and the Gulf and sank in 1961 AD in the Arabian Gulf and her grandfather was one of the survivors of the accident, so she drew her drawings from the stories of her surviving grandfather, but she kept on going beyond that to dive deep into the Gulf and sail in her imagination to draw Its unique panels using waterproof, heatproof and against UV light materials. Today, in her exhibition, “THE 3 PHASE SIGNAL”, Al Saleh offers us a distinctive new artwork’s in which it’s characters are presented with blank faces or in other paintings replaced them with colored visual effects. She intently leaves these personalities with only what distinguishes them from their traditional and religious clothing, and transforms their human characteristics into empty color fields drawn from the same viewpoint.


Al Saleh seeks to emphasize the importance of deepening the relationship between different nationalities and religions, just like the colorful and constantly changing visual representation, it shows its inherent belief that although our humanity is the cause of all our cultural differences, it was and will always be the strong link that binds us together always.


Emirati artist Maisoon Al Saleh is an energetic and active artist in the United Arab Emirates whom exhibited at a national and international level. she was chosen as one of the 64 best artists in the United Arab Emirates and was invited to display her work in the exhibition “Emirati Expressions” in Abu Dhabi.


Besides her solo shows, Al Saleh has participated in almost a hundred group exhibitions in a number of prominent art institutions and exhibition venues around the world, such as the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore (2014); Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin. She has been represented by various galleries at international art fairs, e.g. in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Europe.


Al Saleh is not only a prolific and hard-working artist, but she also actively seeks out new challenges in her career, participating in artist residency programs worldwide, such as the artist residency program organized by Daman Art Exchange Program at Art House Düsseldorf, Germany (2016).